BuzzPal Mentioned in the Media Today

BuzzPal – The World Is Your Party, got it’s first press mention today:

The article is about the new generation of Swedish startups and Seedcamp, which is basically the European version of Ycombinator. BuzzPal may be participating in Seedcamp, coming to it based on the suggestion of Anders Fredriksson, one of last year’s participants. Anders is a friend and contact here in Gothenburg. Thanks, Anders. -Chris

See for more info and our contact form.

PS: Some people say “congratulations” to me and BuzzPal on this news, and we thank them for the support, but we remind ourselves that this is just another turn on our long, winding road. Getting mentioned as a hopeful is one thing, offering a great user experience is something else. And that is our aim. We are at the beginning of our journey, and we have many miles to go before we sleep. Thank you for your support.

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