Month: August 2008

Seedcamp Update

NOTE: The is a repost from The BuzzPal Blog, but this is personal as well as business (that’s why it’s on both blogs).

Congrats and have a blast to those invited! To those who didn’t, like BuzzPal, save that turn down email, it will look great framed one day!

Seriously, I hope you got as much out of the application process as we did:

  • Made first video
  • Recruited a co-founder (that didn’t work, unfortunately)
  • Got first mention in media and on blogs, including TechCrunch UK
  • More!

It’s been awesome! Thanks again, Seedcamp people for the kick in the pants!

NOTE: Even though BuzzPal was not invited to be a Seedcamp team, we were invited to Seedcamp week, anyway, and a number of meetings are already scheduled, with to come (with you?). My schedule so far is here. Hit me up if you want to connect.


REMEMBER: “Eighty percent of success is showing up” –Woody Allen

$15-Off Coupon Code for BuzzPal T-Shirts

A friend just emailed me about a $15 coupon for BuzzPal’s USA shop. The coupon code is APOLOGY. That means you can get one of the less expensive t-shirt for FREE (plus shipping) or one of the more expensive ones for under $10 (plus shipping). Not sure when this coupon code will expire, probably real soon, so best to use it right now. If it doesn’t work, check here and search Google and Yahoo for other Spreadshirt coupon codes. For those of you in the EU, you can order from the USA shop or the EU shop, but I think the coupon code only works in the USA shop. Either way, check ’em out! The one I’m wearing here is the American Apparel with Flock printing from the EU shop. Totally sweet, as some of you have seen at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, Reboot in Copenhagen, and OpenCoffee in Gothenburg.

A Recession by Any Other Name

(chart shows “USA Recession in ’08” contract as of today)

A timely article given the ongoing “what is a recession” confusion in many minds.

A Recession by Any Other Name
By John Mauldin

Remember the comfort the bulls took in the fact that GDP when first reported was a positive 0.6% in the fourth quarter of 2007? Now is has been revised to a negative 0.2%. As I have repeatedly said, GDP numbers will be revised downward in this part of the cycle, but maybe a few years after the fact when real data and not estimates are available.

Let’s look at this piece from David Rosenberg, the North American Economist for Merrill Lynch. He does a good job of telling us why GDP estimates that suggest the economy is not on recession may not reflect the facts on the ground.

“You’ll miss a lot of action waiting for GDP to go negative.


Cartoon Capitalism

Exactly on point! It would be funny it wasn’t true.

Of course, the same may be said of America’s – and Britain’s – entire economies during the last 20 years. The loose credit that built cartoon houses also constructed cartoon economies; they look like real economies, but they are essentially perverse, consuming wealth rather than creating it.


BuzzPal Video Pitch to Seedcamp

The is a repost from The BuzzPal Blog, but this is personal as well as business (that’s why it’s on both blogs).

Here is the 10-minute version.and here is the 2-minute version that we posted on the Seedcamp blog. If you just want to see the 1-minute music/photo video of some of the people and places that got us this far, here ya go: BuzzPal Music/Photo Video.

When watching the video, please bear in mind that this is BuzzPal’s first-ever PowerPoint presentation, first-ever video “pitch,” and it was done in a couple of hours, using some new tools and low-budget equipment. So be kind!

Also, please bear in mind that BuzzPal’s founder was in venture finance in the media, communications, publishing, and technology areas from 1999 to 2003 (MCG went public on the NASDAQ in 2001). During that time he has seen hundreds of pitches, so he knows what he likes in a pitch, especially a first pitch (see you expose yourself and show your personality + be different) and what he doesn’t like (see your formal face or fake/boring personality + talk the same old smack).

Yes, we don’t go into a lot of detail. That’s pretty common for pre-launch startups. This is not the launch video or private presentation we give to prospective stakeholders. This is the public version, the teaser version. Don’t like it? Tough cookies. Unless you’re one of the guys and gals who has gotten down in the dirt, in the arena, struggled for your life, in full public view, then you probably have no business being a critic. Don’t take my word for it, here’s what Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the U.S., had to say about it:


Some Great Sunsets From Our Window the Past Few Nights — Thank You

I know, who wants to see another sunset pic. But beautiful sunsets are one of life’s most simple and free pleasures. They provide a connection with nature, peace, and beauty. They help us remember how lucky we are to be here, and to say “thank you,” which is one of the most positive and uplifting phrases I know. It’s so simple, yet means so much. It doesn’t cost a penny. Being thankful and saying “thank you” can change your world. Thank you.


July 17 to August 1 Pics: Sailing, Sus B-Day, Concert, Many Beaches

Had to combine all these into one post b/c I’m super busy right now. Hopefully some good BuzzPal news to share next week.


  1. July 19-20: Varberg: Susanne’s birthday weekend and sailing.
  2. July 26: Gothenburg: Disk golf (no pics), BBQ, and Iron Maiden concert (my YouTube compilation).
  3. July 27: NAME-OF-ISLAND-COMING-SOON: Beach day with Susanne, Birgitta, Roy, Emily, Felicia, Philip, and Caterina.
  4. July 28: Fiskeback and Liseberg: Beach day and free concert featuring Ola Svensson, a 2005 Swedish Idol winner (and still a teen idol), singing his hit song Natalie (song on YouTube).
  5. July 31: Lilleby Beach and Kungsbacka: Beach day. then dockside BBQ.
  6. July 1: Asa Beach: Beach day.