Day: August 2, 2008

July 17 to August 1 Pics: Sailing, Sus B-Day, Concert, Many Beaches

Had to combine all these into one post b/c I’m super busy right now. Hopefully some good BuzzPal news to share next week.


  1. July 19-20: Varberg: Susanne’s birthday weekend and sailing.
  2. July 26: Gothenburg: Disk golf (no pics), BBQ, and Iron Maiden concert (my YouTube compilation).
  3. July 27: NAME-OF-ISLAND-COMING-SOON: Beach day with Susanne, Birgitta, Roy, Emily, Felicia, Philip, and Caterina.
  4. July 28: Fiskeback and Liseberg: Beach day and free concert featuring Ola Svensson, a 2005 Swedish Idol winner (and still a teen idol), singing his hit song Natalie (song on YouTube).
  5. July 31: Lilleby Beach and Kungsbacka: Beach day. then dockside BBQ.
  6. July 1: Asa Beach: Beach day.