Quick Market Update

Just time for a quick post.  It’s been almost a month since my previous market update, which was me cashing out after the July relief rally and before our August vacation to Gotland.  Didn’t miss much (a last market gasp, then a quick death).

After vacation, I was busy all August with:

  • BuzzPal-related stuff (good stuff!)
  • planning trip to London for Seedcamp week (my schedule so far)
  • working on a real estate deal (my lot is back on the market after the buyers had to exercise their contingency — glad I countered their original offer and made the earnest money non-refundable)
  • some other stuff

Plus we were in a trading “no man’s land,” and everybody knows (or should know) that there’s no point in going into a “no man’s land” unless you like getting your balls blown off by land mines.

But things are getting interesting again…

…so it’s time to allocate some bio CPU and bandwidth, primarily for the purpose of monitoring the sentiment as it works towards its next extreme (and reversal). As long-time readers of this blog know, I like to track a few key bellwethers, such as the ones you see below (and others).  They are starting to get interesting: Google and the China ETF below previous lows and the VIX perking up.  Cheers!


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