Carsonified Golden Ticket (and point of life)

Just a quick post after reading Ryan Carson’s “Golden Ticket” tweet and blog post about how to win an all-expense paid trip to one of these Carsonified events:

See the blog for details on how to enter and qualify. And please leave a comment here on my blog, which is what I need to qualify. Thanks.

More importantly, and whether you leave a comment for me or not:

If you are also participating in the contest, let me know (comment below or email me at I am happy to drop by your blog and leave a comment for you. In fact, I really, really want to!  Why?

  • Because I have an abundance philosophy in life.
  • I believe in paying it forward.
  • I believe in helping others and benefiting the community as much as I can and in whatever way I can, even if it comes at a (hopefully small) cost to me.
  • We all benefit from helping each other.

Plus, I for one am sick of the “me, me, me” shit and the abuse of commons.  I’ve touched on it many times before, including here (kind of ranty blog post) and here (maybe TMI on my personal profile).

The point is that I think this contest is a really cool (and free) way we can help each other, including, of course, Ryan Carson and Carsonified team, who made it possible.

So, if you are participating in this contest, please let me know.  I hope to see a comment from me on whoever win’s blog!


PS: If I can, I will help you in other ways, just let me know.

Last week I helped YOOSE (and they helped me), an awesome Seedcamp startup that I offered my (BuzzPal) TechCrunch demo table to. I would have done it free, but I was already sleeping on a couch for the week to afford to come to London, plus it was fair to share the cost, and they could, so we split it 50/50.

Besides YOOSE winning (got to demo), the TechCrunch event won (one more startup demo would have been the case otherwise), all attendees won (they got to see and meet one more startup), and I won (I got the satisfaction of putting together this deal and benefiting 100+ people, while at the same time reducing my costs and not costing anyone any lost revenue b/c this was done at the last minute, after sponsorship sales had ended).

Not only that, but the sponsor of The Carsonified Golden Ticket contest, Ryan Carson, came up and engaged me in a fun and friendly conversation that covered many topics, from him, his girl, and his projects to me, my girl, and my projects.  We also talked about how BuzzPal can people who attend their events, which we can do (once we launch) in many ways.  Many more ways than the one I highlight in my Seedcamp OpenCoffee video interview.

A pic I took while Mike Butcher, Ryan Carson,  Alfie Dennen, myself, and a few others entered the underground club in Fulham Thursday night (after the TechCrunch party ended).  Good times.  Good people!

PPS: The point of life.

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36 thoughts on “Carsonified Golden Ticket (and point of life)

  1. “We all benefit from helping each other.” Truer words have never been spoken. Thanks for writing that Chris, gives me some faith in people on days when I’m not so sure.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the comment. Good luck on the contest!

  2. This is a great way for me to keep in touch with what you are doing in Europe, Chris.

    Washingto, DC sends you our very best!

    Let’s keep in touch on news regarding start-ups.

  3. You´re great man Chris, keep up the good work and spirit and sooner or later you will get what you want and deserve, it is all about world-balance… You can count on me…

  4. Wow, thanks for all the nice comments and kind words, friends. Don’t forget to ping me if I can comment on your blog entry. I’ve already commented on at least 25, but soon it’s going to get to be hard to remember who I visited yet and who I haven’t. Just remind me, please, and I will come through. Fun, fun, fun… helping each other. And it doesn’t cost a penny! Luv it!

  5. Chris, my buzz needs a pal. Its loney and is getting weaker by the minute. Wait… is that Joe at the door?… never mind.

    PS. Good luck with the contest!

  6. People do read this, really truly. Don’t know whether they understand it, but they read it. I do like the cartoons, I do like the suggestions, I do like the idea of putting the current American administration on trial and canceling their passports, and I like football d’Americain. Ta!

  7. Chris, looks like you had a nice summer (again) in Sweden. This country has been driven into a serious ditch by Bush, Greenspan and company, but our friend Roubini predicted it all, didn’t he? If McCain wins, I’ll see you in Gotenborg. Peter

  8. Chris,
    Hope you make it. Sounds like things continue to be interesting over there! Things are a bit down here in the states. But the green start up environment up in Fort Collins is still simmering. Hopefully some of them will really take off.

  9. Keep up your continued dedication to worthy pursuits. Success comes from the right attitude, and you got that! Good luck my old buzzpal! Maxbobax, Suzy Q, Mr. Quinn, myself and others are gearing up for Assateague. We wish you and Susanne could be there with us! Hasta la pasta!

  10. Hehehe, that’s a good way of creating reprocity. Thanks for stopping by. I’m not in it for the contest (not enough reach) but it’s cool you dropped by. Here’s my vote for you 🙂

  11. Here’s hoping you get a golden ticket–you deserve it!! And keep the great blog posts coming–its always amusing and insightful. Hope all is well, pls say hi to Sus–we’ll miss you guys at the beach!

  12. GOOD LUCK!! We’ll miss you at the beach…and keep the great blog posts coming, always so insightful and amusing.

  13. I feel a bit old hat because I don’t understand much of what I see here, next time we meet face to face (here’s the old fashioned speaking again) I’d love to hear about these insights I don’t have into the cyberspace… See ya! Marc

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