Berlin and Web 2.0 Expo

These are our “personal” Berlin pics. The “business” pics are here: Web 2.0 Expo Berlin Photo Story.

The upscale restaurant you see is the Aigner, which is on the ground floor of the Sofitel Berlin Gendarmenmarkt, one of Berlin’s most modern hotels (we didn’t stay there, we stayed here). Here’s Frommer’s Aigner Restaurant review.

Susanne and I liked the place so much we went there twice, and that’s after getting recommendations and checking out at least a dozen other restaurants. Super nice people, amazing service, and fantastic food.  Aigner gets our top rating, especially considering the price, which was quite reasonable.  See their website for more info and some of their recipes.

We had the liver dumpling soup and the creamy parsley-root soup to start, then split a Weiner Schnitzel for the main course (so we could save room for a chocolate soufflé desert). Everything was incredible. Our second visit we had the Tafelspitz and the veal dumplings. Both also incredible.

AirBerlin Review: I haven’t flown that many discount airlines, but so far AirBerlin is the best (USA or Europe) — even better than the regular (American) airlines such as Delta, Northwest, and United.

The airplane itself was clean and welcoming, as was every AirBerlin team member I met.  When you walk onto the plane, you’re greeted and offered a piece of candy and a newspaper (in English or German).  In flight, you get your choice of sandwich and drink.  The crew also made sure everyone who wanted one had a pillow and/or blanket.  I mean I was basically blown away.  This is a discount airline people.

The only better flight experience I’ve had was Lufthansa first class trans-Atlantic (on frequent flier miles).  I’ve also flown United first class trans-Atlantic, which was a disappointment.

Anyway, big hat tip to AirBerlin.  To the other airlines: What have you become that people are inspired to raving good reviews just for a few little details, like clean and friendly planes and employees, something to eat and drink and a newspaper and pillow? Those should be “must haves,” not “nice to haves.” Sheesh.
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