Photo Dump: Pool Night, Dalsland, Stockholm, Kiel

Everything is posted in chronological order:

  • Berlin and Web 2.0 Expo: See pics here: business and personal.
  • Pool Night: Boys night out, organized by Magnus. I came in second place in the pool tournament. After that was dinner, then video and sport games competition. Good times, but three of of us injured our hands during “how hard can you punch” game. Par punched so hard he fractured a bone.
  • Dalsland: Susanne, Birgitta, Roy and I to visit family (Arvid and Agnes). We love visiting them, even if the whole “moose” thing is a big scam here in Sweden (just kidding).  The group pic you see if at their guest cabin.  Arvid and Agnes came to “our place” for dinner Saturday night and we had lunch at their home on the farm Sunday.
  • Stockholm: BuzzPal business.  Susanne came to keep me company and meet our friend Anne. They went to a Lebanese restaurant Saturday night and I was at the Thai place you see pictured (good food, good meeting).  Sunday was breakfast with Anne, then drive back to Gothenburg.
  • Kiel (Germany): Susanne, Ulrika, Johan, and I.  You leave on the boat in the evening and arrive in the morning. Dinner and party in between. When in Kiel, if you’re coming from Sweden, you stock up on alcohol because it is MUCH cheaper in Germany than in Sweden.  We bought a LOT (see pic).  After dropping off the alcohol on the boat, we went strolling around town, stopping here and there to eat, drink (coffee), and shop (the girls, anyway).  Then back to the boat for the overnight trip home.  Good times.  And, if you buy enough booze, you almost make money on the trip.  We didn’t buy THAT much, but I did turn 50 SEK into 300 SEK at the roulette wheel (in two minutes). In the morning, we saw some seals as the boat docked in Gothenburg.
  • Final comment on Kiel: I was there in 1992 with a college course/trip.  It was one stop on our 30-day international comparative business study.  What an amazing trip that was.  In Kiel we were at a state-of-the-art mini-mill (steel).  Highlights in every city from Warsaw to Paris.  We were in Prague the day they voted to split Czechoslovakia into Czech Republic and Slovakia. The bars were closed that day, but the 16-year old friend I met there took me around to underground clubs and a punk rock party (with live punk band) under one of the big bridges over the river. I’ll have to drum up some pics when I’m back at my parents.

Upcoming events and trips are:

  • Thanksgiving: Susanne is putting together a dinner party. Par and his family and friends are letting us use their wine cellar room/area for this. Nice!
  • Christmas party: Susanne’s office party.
  • Stockholm Geek Meet: I’ll take the train up Thursday and come back Friday.
  • Christmas table: Same procedure as last year and the year before. The best!
  • Christmas market: There’s a real nice one at Liseberg.  My favorite is the food from up north and the warm drinks.  Also love all the Christmas lights (I think the newspaper said they have five million of them).
  • Santa Lucia Day: We might go to a Christmas concert (usually real nice singing).
  • Mom visiting: On her way back from business trip to Vienna, Austria. Dad couldn’t come this time.
  • Christmas: Swedish Christmas is 24th, American is 25th.
  • New Year’s Eve: Not sure of the plan yet.
  • USA trip: I’ll be in USA for about 10 weeks it looks like.
  • Obama inauguration: I will be in DC for this.  Want to go to one of the inaugural balls, but tickets are tough to come by and/or expensive.  Who can miracle me?  Thanks.  I was in DC (because I lived there) for Bush’s inauguration.  It was a bad scene (as described in one of my comments here).  Bush’s first inauguration was a non-event, a cold, dark, and nasty day in DC, a harbinger of his presidency.  I was at Clinton’s Arkansas Inaugural Ball in 1996, which was fun, but Obama’s is going to be history in the making, two celebrations in one (the coming of Obama and the going of Bush).
  • Dad’s 80th birthday party: Not sure of the plan yet, but I will be in the USA for that.
  • Ski trip: Hoping to pull together Alps trip or Rocky Mountain trip (not Montana).
  • Other: TBD.

Dalsland, Sweden Pics:

Stockholm Pics:

Kiel, Germany Pics:

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