Day: November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving at Per’s Wine Cellar

Thanksgiving came early to Sweden, and a dozen of us celebrated at Per’s wine cellar (that’s Per with the cast on, which he had to get after our pool and game night a few weeks back.  Per’s parents belong to a club and they let us use it Saturday night – thank you!  The dinner party lasted from 7:00 Saturday night until 2:00 Sunday morning.  Good times!

Unrelated trivia: Bill Gates was the best man earlier the same day at a wedding in the church you see, which is basically across the street from our wine cellar.  Also attending the wedding, I hear, was Elton John, Ulf Ekberg (Ace of Base), and the Prince of Monaco.  Mick Jagger was a no show.  The reception was a few blocks away.  Article here.