How to Use the FriendFeed Bookmarklet With the NoScript Firefox Add-on

Quick and painless troubleshooting for anyone who wants to use the NoScript Firefox Add-on and the FriendFeed bookmarklet at the same time (like I do):

  1. In Firefox, click the NoScript icon in the lower right corner of your browser.
  2. Click: Options >> Advanced >> XSS list.
  3. Add this code to the XSS list:
  4. Click the OK button.
  5. Done.

These steps should work for most/many other bookmarklets you may use, just pull the URL from the JavaScript and mimic the pattern used here.


PS: I know this is basic stuff for computer geeks, but I also know that most people are not computer geeks, so this might be helpful to them.  Hope so.  The reason I posted it is that I didn’t find this solution in the FriendFeed Help/FAQ/Troubleshooting section of their website, and I even got the following response when I emailed FriendFeed to ask them how to solve my problem: “Noscript blocks Javascript, and the bookmarklet uses Javascript, therefore noscript blocks the bookmarklet (all bookmarklets, in fact). You can either stop using noscript, or enter urls directly using the share box on  Another option you may want to consider is running two web browser instances, one with noscript installed, and the other without it.”

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One thought on “How to Use the FriendFeed Bookmarklet With the NoScript Firefox Add-on

  1. Copy of email from FriendFeed today:

    Glad it worked. Just FYI, we’re pushing out a new version of the bookmarklet today, so if it no longer works, you may need to find another workaround. Thanks, Ana

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