Good Closed-End Fixed Income Funds

Do they exist? Where? I’m especially curious about closed-end funds that invest in senior-secured loans. I did a little research and found these “senior” funds, but don’t know much about them:

What I *really* want is some good (and free) analysis of specific securities.  Probably can get “good” or “free” but not both (a variation on the project triangle).  Fuck it, I want both (are you reading, Santa?)!

Many of these funds hold defaulted and soon-to-be-defaulted securities, but that may be ok, depending on how the discount to NAV covers (or doesn’t cover) losses plus a margin for error (risk premium).

It’s still too foggy for me, but I know there is value (misspricing) in some of these securities, the question is which ones (and how much)?

So the challenge is this:

  1. Who can present an argument on which of these (and others) are the better (or less bad) than the rest and why?
  2. What are some other good Closed End Fund information sources, especially fixed-income closed-end funds?

A few related or somewhat related links:

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