BASE Jumping With Skis and Wingsuits in Norway

(Wingsuit BASE Jumping from Ali on

If you haven’t heard of wingsuit BASE jumping (aka wingsuit flying), you gotta check it out! To get you started, check out the video above, shot in Norway.

According to my friend Todd, who lived in Tahoe back in the day, the video is narrated by JT Homes, “a youngster from Tahoe I skied with a handful of times. We went to Alaska the same year and I remember he said he was nervous! Doesn’t look like he’s nervous anymore! Crazy shit!”

If you like this video, also check out this blog post Freeskiers Make Sport Cool Again and this YouTube video: Peak 7601 Alaska (Terje on a snowboard).


PS: I never got as extreme as these guys, but I hucked myself off some rocks back in the Colorado dayz (1989 to 1993). Good times (except for two nasty accidents, both of which resulted in broken bones and surgeries and could have killed me).

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