Last Batch of My New Orleans Pics

Took six months, but here are the rest of my New Orleans pics. The first batch of them, along with some narrative, is here.

Catfish dinner carryout:

Alan expertly shuttling plates (Amy and Cirilo in pic, too):

Mid-City Lanes Rock ‘N Bowl:

New folks in this pic: Carolyn (left) and Guzmary:

New person in pic is April, standing next to the owner (blue shirt):

Post-bowling munchies at Camellia Grill, before heading to Maple Leaf:

Maple Leaf:

Jam band doing Dylan cover (video clip):

Alan and Amy’s Pearl River Blues Blueberry Farm:

Unloading the truck after our roadtrip from Washington, DC to Lumberton, Mississippi (map showing Lumberton to New Orleans):

Yum, those are some good ribs (at Leatha’s):

Don’t even think about getting between Alan and his ribs:

Amy might be the best chef I know. Here she’s serving up some miracle breakfast, whipped up with local ingredients, such as eggs from some of their 80 organic, free-range chickens and raw milk direct from the neighbor’s cow. Note: I’m still trying to get this recipe from Amy. Amy, if you’re reading this, please send recipe (or name of dishes and I’ll look up recipe). Thks.

That’s it… right there:

Self-explanatory (I hope!):

Alan cleaning the yuk out of the composter-thingy in front of the high  tunnel (that greenhouse thing you see):

Amy potting in… the potting shed:

Amy giving some TLC to one of their many pets.  That one is either McGuffin, Chaussette (pronounced Show-set). Might as well list the rest of the menagerie here so it’s all in one place. From Alan: “Animules: dogs are McGuffin, Chaussette (pronounced Show-set), Rolly Poly, Chickaboom; cats are Georgia Bean and Peatree (or however the PETRE DISH? spelling goes). Chickens are unnamed beyond what a little kid might call them.”

The chickens getting some shade and Alan and I getting some sun while he talks to the real estate agent selling his place in DC. Hear the rooster do his thing during the exact phone call you see pictured! That rooster is one busy boy, what with 80+ hens that need regular servicing. (Correction from Alan: There were two roosters at the time I was there):

This is Georgia Bean:

Solo in N.O. Making Lots of Friends. First few pics are my hotel, which I got cheap on Priceline:

This is not my hotel, just a night shot of downtown. Shot taken from the ferry as we cross the river on our way back from a visit to the other side, where Amy grew up:

On this ferry:

These next shots are mostly over around Frenchman St:

Video clip from the Blue Nile. This is a hot jam band that played before Kermit Ruffins (video of Kermit):

“The city of New Orleans shall be here!”:

That first trumpet kid (right next to the adult on trumpet on the left) just rocked it. I think we’ll see and hear him big time when he grows up:

Jackson Square:

Met these guys at the bar. Good guys. One a teacher from Virginia (I think) and the other… shit, I forget now (waited too long to post the pics):

Next day:

Most of next pics are from Royal Street:

One of the bigger street acts (I saw that trumpet player earlier over at the Louisiana Music Factory):

Even the dogs in N.O.are characters:

Yes, it was a festival on Royal, today:

I saw this dude get busted by the cops for some reason or another:

Don’t ask, because I don’t know:

Clarinet Lady blow your socks off if you hear her play… amazing!

Nice bike:

Lots of pirates (there was a pirate convention… really!):

A fancy wedding at St. Louis Cathedral I stumbled across:

Some of my pirate friends:

She was supposed be handing out pirate flyers, but instead was hangin’ on the bench, talking with me. Don’t tell her boss!

Me and April grabbin’ some Po’ Boys at Mandinas Restaurant on Canal St:

That brass marker at the top is the Katrina waterline:

After dinner, April dropped me off down on Frenchmen and I immediately went to this place (forgot the name) and stayed all night (except to hit the awesome taco stand up the street). The place rocked and I was having a lot of fun with some local guys and girls from Florida. Video clip here.

These are the local guys (lawyers). Real nice:

Florida girl #1. The picture of Florida girl #2 didn’t come out (shit happens after a few too many Jagermeister shots):

Next day, somewhere in New Orleans:

He was every bit the character he looks like. Incredible act!

One of my favorite street bands:

I never heard of this place, but every day people were lined up in front and one day I walked by and there was only like two people in line, so I decided to try it. Glad I did!

Met him in line and we hung out at the bar. Turns out he’s also from DC:

The grilled oysters rocked:

Yes, more pirates… drunk ones at that:

Nice guy. I forgot his name, but you will often find him at Jackson Square:

These guys jammed (video clip here):

Great breakdancers (video clip here):

I did one night on Bourbon Street. This is it. You got to do it at least once when you’re in New Orleans. Had a blast. Went into every place with a halfway decent band — halfway decent is about all you’ll get on Bourbon Street, BTW, but the ones I saw were mostly all actually pretty good.  This lady could really sing:

Another place:

They’re doin’ the Electric Slide (see it):

Another band:

Some of Larry Flint’s holdings. Did I mention, my friend Maria here is Sweden is related to L.F. Whatever you think of him, you can’t say he’s not a colorful character. Actually, now that I think of it, check out this piece he wrote for HuffPo this summer: “Common Sense 2009.

Do you think he’d take that horse into a bar? (see here):

The rest are Amy’s Pics (I Photoshoped that one of Alan down below). This first one is me in Jackson Square, where we stopped to eat our Muffulettas:





I believe he calls himself “Handsome John” (or maybe that’s what Carolyn called him or maybe I’m just imagining things). Nice guy. He and I compared motorcycle scars. Even though I totaled two, one into the broadside of a car making a left turn in front of me, he had me beat (he got run over in his own driveway by a drunk kid who lost control of his car):


Meet Mr. Andy. Mr. Andy lived on an island (the Isle of Mann) his whole life and never traveled much or visited America until he retired and decided it was time to see the world.  He landed in New Orleans sight unseen and met Alan and Amy by chance during the Katrina evacuation. Mr. Andy stayed with them and helped clear the farm. They’ve all been friends ever since.  If you’re lucky enough to meet Mr. Andy, you’ll notice the massive field of positive energy he radiates. It’s not the bubbling kind that sometimes makes you want to slap a person, but the friendly, unassuming confidence, and faith (not the religious kind) that makes you want to be with them (not like that… not that there’s anything wrong with that.). When you’re with Mr. Andy, you just feel like you can see the world more clearly, differently, and deeply.  You can do that because Mr. Andy has good drugs…. kidding. Seriously, though, when you’re with Mr. Andy, you know that everything is as it should be. Mr. Andy is good, Mr. Andy is benevolent, Mr. Andy can see your soul, and you can see his.  The world is good and everything is going to be ok.  Carolyn and Mr. Andy:



That’s my “I’m buzzed and happy after a great night of fun, friends, and music and can’t wait to eat another beignet” look.  BTW, about the only time there’s not a line at Cafe Du Monde is late on an off-season rainy night:


I think that’s Alan’s “I’m tired, get me the f**k home now” look.  Or maybe it’s his “I’m about to bitch slap that camera out of your hands” look:



Amy’s Mid-City Lanes pics. These are all from that same night in my set of pics, above. First bowling, then munch, then Maple Leaf:



Pose with the owner:



Luv the Maple Leaf:


And this is that same BBQ joint shown above in my set of pics.  Awesome BBQ. Yes you can eat all those ribs:



The Cheap Flights guys posted my blog on their site, too. Here it is.

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