Animated Google Map Overlaid With Geotagged Photos

(click to view the animated google map / photo slideshow)

Here’s how to geotag your pics and make an animated map of your own:

  1. Get a GPS tracker (or other device) and learn how to use it.  I have, and like, the Columbus V-900 GPS Data Logger.  Here it is on and here are some review links from Google. I especially found this review, and it’s comments, helpful and interesting.
  2. Take pictures with your digital camera. Make sure the clock on your camera is set accurately (as close as you can get to the exact correct time). And, make sure the camera and the format is compatible with your software (just use JPG format and you should be fine).
  3. Upload your GPS log file and pictures to your computer.
  4. Use the software that came with your device (or other software) to geotag your pics.  The software matches your pics to your data points using the time (that’s why you need to make sure your camera clock is set as accurately as possible).
  5. Upload everything to or one of the other free sites (there are others, right?).

That’s it. Use the documentation that came with your GPS, Google, and trial-and-error to perfect your workflow. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Animated Google Map Overlaid With Geotagged Photos

  1. This is really quite nifty. I’ve already imagined the hours involved and decided not to gift it to my wife, already neck deep in facebook and other still-picture sites. Amazing how many hours fly by for her, getting everything into place, then checking it, then broadcasting to all her online friends, then answering all THOSE replies. Endlessly compulsive.

  2. Indeed! What would we do without the Internet? Ah, those were the days. And to think, everyone born from the 1990s on doesn’t know what life was like BI (Before Internet). Sigh.

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