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Since I started blogging in March, 2004, I’ve published over 1200 posts. In 2007, I switch from TypePad to WordPress, where I posted stuff until 2010, when I switched for Facebook for a while. I’ve now moved on to new projects.


PS: Some people ask why I keep a blog. The answer is the same as all the other “why I” questions: For the sheer pleasure of it. That’s the best reason to do anything, IMHO. I mean, if you find yourself doing mostly things from which you don’t derive pleasure, learning and satisfaction, then you need to ask yourself “why?” Life is too short for that. I mean, I guess a life of drudgery is what some people want, but not me.  I choose the red pill (now orange pill).

Another reason for all this is that I’m living on “bonus” time. In 1992, I had a bad mountain bike accident that shattered my cheek bone and skull and ripped open my neck. I probably should have been killed, brain damaged or paralyzed, but I wasn’t. Later that year I was in a bad motorcycle accident (broad side of a car at high speed: motorcycle explode in ball of flames, bones snap, land in oncoming traffic lanes).

Every day after those accidents has been “free” (“bonus time” for me). It’s a reminder that life is precious and short. I’ve had other reminders along the way, including friends taken by violence. We need to remember these things. We need to be thankful for everything and to be sharing a little time with each other on this “bright blue ball, just spinning, spinning free” (1st time I saw Throwing Stones was at this show — and this blog post I wrote in 2005 marks the end of another revolution of The Wheel). We need to do the things we love and encourage others to do the things they love. After all, the point of life is to sing and dance. That’s why I…

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