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Southern Tip of Sweden (pics and video)

Just a few random snapshots and video clips from our weekend (July 2010) with friends down south in Sweden. Thomas rented a house for a few weeks so he could visit his friends and family and also have his own place/space for chilling out with friends. Perfect!

Videos (just playing with my new waterproof toy – left the DSLR at home):



Vienna Pics

We had a great week visiting my mother, who consults for the UN.  We got to see some of Susanne’s friends, go to the Opera, tour the UN, go to a reception, and eat some great food, hear some great music, and more.


Iceland Volcano: 1) Satellite Imagery; 2) Eruption Video

This morning’s diversion (the creation of this video) started with me pondering the question: “Might Eyjafjallajokull’s ash cloud jeopardize the warm weather we’re starving for after a long winter in Europe?”

Based on this article, it sounds like the current plume isn’t big enough to have much of a global impact.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that northern Europe will likely suffer some ill effects, even if the volcano is done erupting (last time the eruptions went on for over a year).

Snow on You Crazy Diamond

Just messing around on this beautiful, snowy day here in Sweden. The weather, music, and mood all came together. Plus a new tripod (thanks, Hugo).

Click that first picture or here to see the snow falling outside our window. I’m glad I decided to stop to smell the flowers (thanks, Cici), and to watch, listen, and feel the snow and wind, and to hear, for the first time, a new rendition of an all-time favorite song. That’s what sealed the deal, the Floyd cover (thanks, Christy).

More pics after the jump.  The first one (below) is from Monday (2/22), the second one is from Thursday (2/25) and the third one is from Tuesday (2/23). The tulip pics and video (above) are from Saturday (2/20). The video cover shot is from Sunday (2/21).


Animated Google Map Overlaid With Geotagged Photos

(click to view the animated google map / photo slideshow)

Here’s how to geotag your pics and make an animated map of your own:

  1. Get a GPS tracker (or other device) and learn how to use it.  I have, and like, the Columbus V-900 GPS Data Logger.  Here it is on and here are some review links from Google. I especially found this review, and it’s comments, helpful and interesting.
  2. Take pictures with your digital camera. Make sure the clock on your camera is set accurately (as close as you can get to the exact correct time). And, make sure the camera and the format is compatible with your software (just use JPG format and you should be fine).
  3. Upload your GPS log file and pictures to your computer.
  4. Use the software that came with your device (or other software) to geotag your pics.  The software matches your pics to your data points using the time (that’s why you need to make sure your camera clock is set as accurately as possible).
  5. Upload everything to or one of the other free sites (there are others, right?).

That’s it. Use the documentation that came with your GPS, Google, and trial-and-error to perfect your workflow. Cheers!

Stockholm and Riga Trip and Pics
(click for larger version of this image)
(click for larger version of this image)

Back our 3-year anniversary trip to Riga, Latvia, via Stockholm, Sweden. Great trip, great weather, great food, people!

It was a nice surprise to be in Riga for the 20th anniversary of the Baltic Chain, a protest where 2 million people held hands over 600 kilometers (373 miles) spanning three countries (Estonian SSR, Latvian SSR, and Lithuanian SSR). Imagine that! I had know idea.

By the way, while we’re on the topic of protests and before I forget, here’s Larry Flint’s (yes, that Larry Flint) call for mass protest on HuffPo: “Common Sense 2009.”  What will cause the sheeple to reject the lies, reject their selfishness (and the selfishness of the politicians and mega corporations), and standup for each other (“we, not me”)?  Apparently a lot, since it’s not happened yet.  Sigh.  Now back to regularly scheduled blog post.

More about the Baltic Chain and its 20th anniversary:


Miss. and La. Road Trip Pics: 1st Set: Leave DC, Drive, Arrive, First Day/Night in NOLA

(click for full-size version)

UPDATE #1: Here’s a master page of New Orleans pics and videos:

UPDATE #2: Here’s the rest of the pics, all on one page.

Here’s the first batch of pics from my 9-day road trip down to Pearl River, Mississippi, and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Why/how’d I go on this trip?

To help my friend Alan move all his stuff down to his and his wife Amy’s organic blueberry farm, Pearl River Blues. Plus I absolutely love great road trips, and what could be better, especially if you love music, than a road trip to Mississippi and New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz, funk, and blues?


Snow Falling on Dog

Snow Falling on Dog
Snow Falling on Dog

Today at my parents’ house in Cambridge, Maryland, USA. Looks pretty, but the snow is wet, heavy, nasty!

BTW, for those of you who don’t know Izzie, she is my parents’ dog, a 9-year-old Doberman. She is extremely sweet. Here’s a pic I took of here a few years back.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Gothenburg, Sweden

This was one of the best displays I’ve ever seen — and I’ve seen a bunch of good ones on the National Mall in Washington, DC on July 4th. These Swedish guys rocked it! See this video of the grand finale (click “watch in high quality” mode, expand to full-screen mode, and turn up the sound).

The last pic is from our balcony about 8 minutes after midnight, after a 15-minute barrage of fireworks from everywhere (all over the city). The fireworks were going all night up to the midnight finale (video clip shot from our balcony).

The four  bonus pics after that are from our New Year’s Day walk.

Overall, it was a great New Year’s Eve with Annica and Henrik and a great New Year’s Day with Birgitta and Roy!  Happy New Year to you!


Käringön Island (Sweden) Christmas Party

Another great Jul Bord at Peterson’s Krog. There were about 21 of us this year, with 19 of us closing the place down. I don’t know what time we went to bed (around 3:30 or so, I think).  Jorgen didn’t teach any new words this year, but Anna taught us how to say “marsipan gris” (“marzipan pig”) in Danish.


PS: I was kind of hurting this morning, but thankfully Martin hooked me up with one of his Hustlers. Not the Larry Flint kind of Hustler, but some crazy energy drink they got here. BTW, Maria is somehow related to Larry Flint, so maybe he did hook us up with these power drinks, I have no idea. I’m just glad I was able to start my day with a Hustler and some Advil Liqui-Gels, washed down with some cold San Pellegrino. Ah!