Month: July 2005

Miva Trying to Bottom

Miva_71805 Miva Inc. (Nasdaq: MIVA) is trying to form the right side of a bottoming base.  Today the stock popped 16% on 2x normal volume.  This ecommerce and web advertising company is a turnaround story, after restructuring and renaming itself in the past year.  Clearly we’re getting some accumulation here.  I have a small position at about $5.00 per share.  Cheers!

Internet Security Systems Base

Issx_71805 Internet Security Systems, Inc.  (Nasdaq: ISSX) is working on the right side of an 8-month base.  You can’t see it on this weekly chart, but yesterday the stock gapped up 6.5% on a 1.5x of average volume.  Headlines report analyst upgrade.  Of course you know I care more about what people DO than what they SAY, but somebody did a good bit of doing yesterday.  We’ll watch to see how this base rounds out, as internet security is primed to receive more attention in coming years.

Google: Quiet, Tight Trading

Goog_71805 Past 3-4 weeks has seen Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) trading in a tight pattern on quiet volume.  Past few days even look like a handle type of formation.  It’ll be interesting to see if the earnings report (another blowout quarter?) triggers a big move in GOOG, and possibly techs overall.  Cheers!