Snow on You Crazy Diamond

Just messing around on this beautiful, snowy day here in Sweden. The weather, music, and mood all came together. Plus a new tripod (thanks, Hugo).

Click that first picture or here to see the snow falling outside our window. I’m glad I decided to stop to smell the flowers (thanks, Cici), and to watch, listen, and feel the snow and wind, and to hear, for the first time, a new rendition of an all-time favorite song. That’s what sealed the deal, the Floyd cover (thanks, Christy).

More pics after the jump.  The first one (below) is from Monday (2/22), the second one is from Thursday (2/25) and the third one is from Tuesday (2/23). The tulip pics and video (above) are from Saturday (2/20). The video cover shot is from Sunday (2/21).

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”
~ Lao Tzu

PS #1: Since some of you asked, I added the wind that you hear come in when he sings “blown on the steel breeze” (around 50 seconds in).  The wind is the actual wind from the snow storm you see, recorded with that video.  I set up the tripod on our balcony and opened the window and left it for five minutes.  I removed the wind from the video after 45 seconds to get back to the pure music, and because a European Magpie (only non-mammal capable of recognizing itself in a mirror) started cackling, which disrupted the Zen-meditation-like feeling of the video.  Also for those who asked, here’s the CD with the song: Christy Moore: “Listen” ( link).

PS #2: This post is getting a lot of visitors. If any of you professional photographers/writers who may be interested in collaborating with me and a seasoned and professional marketer on an HDR project, please get in touch.

PS #3: If you live in (or will live in) Gothenburg and might be interested in renting our 63-square meter (678-square feet) apartment in the future, get in touch. It’s located in Kalleback, walking distance to downtown in one direction and a golf course and huge lake in the other (here’s an animated trail map with pics I made of our favorite loop from the apartment building up to the lake and back).  Many other amenities withing a few minutes walk, including three super markets (ICA Maxi, Willys, Netto), one gym (SportLife), bike/ski shop, two gas stations, 7-11, post office, restaurants (pizza place is literally two minutes away), and a lot more. Besides the great view, the inside of the apartment was almost completely renovated in 2009: brand new kitchen and bathroom, new paint and wall paper everywhere, new kitchen floor, new appliances, more.  Pics here.  Not sure if or when it will become available, but maybe later this year.  The apartment will be rented partially furnished: sofa, coffee table, kitchen table and chairs, bookshelves, great wardrobes, a sideboard/cabinet, and a killer bed. Rent will probably be somewhere around 9000kr per month and include periodic professional apartment cleaning and window cleaning. There you have it.

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